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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Fox Head Pelt 2

Fox Head Pelt 2

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Fox Fur Scalps can be used as a head coverings for druids and shamans or as a flap to cover to decorate pouch or purse. Each of our Fox Scalps include the ears, snout, and nose. The face and can be reshaped to suit your needs by soaking in water. Useful as a decorative costume piece for re-enacting, Native American, Viking or medieval clothing, Since all animals are unique, our Fox Face Pelts may vary in colour, size and shape due to the rareness of these beautiful animals. These real fur scalps were ethically caught in Quebec by reputable fur trappers.

 The fox is a small, carnivorous MAMMAL of the DOG family. Four species inhabit Canada: red or coloured, swift, grey, and Arctic foxes (Vulpes vulpes, V. velox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Alopex lagopus, respectively).

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