About Us

Medieval Fur was born through the necessity of building a Viking Empire in Canada. I am Boris, a true Viking Norseman from Quebec. My years as a real Viking combattant and businessman led me from waging masterful but fake battles to a peddler of exotic wear. In truth, I was a medieval Viking event planner organizing combative recreational events for cities, museums, and commercial events throughout Canada and occasionally in the United States. They gave a wide range of dealing with fellow Larpers and historical reenactment teams across America and spanned all the way to Europe. The short supply of authentic furs and accessories led me to start a commercial trade with my fellow warriors.

Eventually, in 2012 the sideline became my main focus and Medieval Fur became my full-time passion. I have since raised a family and a small personal empire that would make any Viking fur trader proud. So I now leave behind my sword and shield and carry my wagon and trinkets to Larp events and medieval reenactments spreading my passion to future generations. Known in Quebec as GN Fourrure Québec I have built a solid reputation as a stand-up guy who is always eager for a good laugh and ale no matter the medieval event!