Collection: Dream Catcher


The Dream Catcher Story

Moons ago, a mother was worried that her child won’t stop having nightmares.
She wondered what she could do to stop her son from having these dreadful dreams. One night, she was sitting outside by the tipi, when her attention was caught by a hideous spider weaving a web on a branch.
She saw it catch a fly by trapping it in its web.
She had a sudden vision and ran to get a vine branch to make a circle with it and then, she gently settled it on the spider's web. She believed that if the spider could trap a fly using its web, it could also capture her son's bad dreams.
Thanks to her vision and instincts, her plan worked successfully and her son never had a nightmare again with this dream catcher.
Since that day, many small children have slept under the protection of the dream catcher. Good dreams and bad dreams float in the night air.
The dream catcher receives them all.
Good dreams knows their way through the center hole and bad dreams get caught and trapped in the net, then vanish in the first light of day as they creep along the feathers. The dream catcher hangs from where we sleep. It is given as a gift to encourage the happiness and joy of sleep for all dreamers.
Today, we hang it wherever it can bring us energy. The work done by this spider on that night of nightmares now brings us peaceful sleep, and then helps anyone who wants to understand the message of their dream or vision it brings.
It allows us to grow spiritually and to better understand the meaning of life.
Stone is an element that is part of minerals.
It provides the protection and energy of the dreamer. The vine circle is the plant element. It represents medicinal plants, a protection offered by the Great Spirit. The feathers symbolize the message to the Great Spirit, they represent the birds that were used as messengers at that time. Finally, the leather symbolizes the strength of the animal and its healing power.
This is what is asked of the Great Spirit by burning the sacred herbs and purifying the dream catcher.
I wish you now a beautiful night