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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Coyote Fur Scalp

Coyote Fur Scalp

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Our Coyote Fur Scalps are the perfect accessory that can be used as a head covering on barbarians, viking or any rogue medieval fighter. Our awesome Coyote Scalps include the ears, snout, and nose and can be reshaped to fit over your head or accessory by soaking in water. Since no two animals are alike, our Coyote Face Pelts will vary in colour, size and shape due to the rareness of these beautiful animals. These real fur scalps were ethically caught in Quebec by reputable fur trappers.

Coyote (Canis latrans, family Canidae), often known as prairie wolf or brush wolf They are an intermediate in size between the wolf and fox. It resembles a lightly built German shepherd dog with erect, pointed ears, pointed muzzle, flat forehead, bushy tail (usually held rather low) and a coat of long, grey, russet or yellowish brown hair.

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