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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Bear Baculum Witch Broom Door Chime

Bear Baculum Witch Broom Door Chime

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This beautiful Ceremonial Witch Broom Door Chime is made using a large bear baculum (penile bone) garnished with horsehair and a beautiful bell. The natural animal tendon can be used a fastener to attach this ornate chime to any door or wall with ease. Bells have been thought to ward off evil elements and entities. This type of bell is the perfect housewarming gift or wall decor and is thought to bring good luck to it's owner. 

CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY! No International Exportations allowed!

All our bones are the result of recycling every part of the animal's carcass. Bones are used as costume elements, as decorations in your cabin or den, and as spell components or personal accessories and oddities. As with everything else in our shop, they are ethically sourced!

***All products labeled with the word “witchcraft” or “witch” were prepared without specific intentions so as to leave them free to be used with any intention in mind. We do not claim any particular effect or power to be associated with our product and anything listed is for informative purposes.

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