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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Bear Bones - Full paw

Bear Bones - Full paw

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This product makes a great collector's display piece! you can glue the bones and claws down to a frame and hang that frame for a unique décor element! You will receive 5 claws, all the phalanges and all the wrist bones that make up a bear's paw. 

All our bones are the result of recycling every part of the animal's carcass. Bones are used as costume elements on shamans and druids or Vikings, as decorations in your cabin or den, and as spell components or personal accessories and oddities. As with everything else in our shop, they are ethically sourced!

Claws vary grealty in terms of shape, size and color and this is a feature of this product. Like anything made by nature, they are not perfect. Feel free to specify if you want the claws to come with or without hair! 

CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY! No International Exportations allowed!

PLEASE NOTE THAT These photos are for reference only. You will not be buying the specific item in the pictures but an item that is similar to it and corresponds to the same description. The animals live in the wild, not in controlled environments and that means that damage is the result of life. That is considered a feature and not a flaw. If you are looking to buy a display piece for educational purposes and need the items to be in pristine condition, please contact us. 

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