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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Beaver Skull, Bone

Beaver Skull, Bone

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Our Authentic Beaver Skull Bones are all-natural and were cleaned using insects and then whitened using a peroxide-based solution to help create a uniform color to the animal skull. These beaver skulls are perfect for medieval hobbyists and savvy collectors. The beaver is known to be the biggest rodent in North America. These aquatic herbivores are known to make large dams of wood and mud to flood and create their personal habitat. Using their large incisors (beaver teeth), beavers can chew through the biggest trees in a matter of minutes. It is for this reason that the American beaver has become a nuisance in some areas where they are overpopulated.

Working with Canadian Fur trappers is essential to help control the population. Our management system in Quebec/Canada regarding fur animals is the strictest in the world. I am proud to give a second life to all parts of our animals (skull, pelt, bones, claws, and so on)

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