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Medieval Fur

Goat Fur Pelt

Goat Fur Pelt

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The goat is a small horned two-toed ungulate that humans have domesticated thousands of years ago. They live in herds and have historically been bred for both meat and milk. We rarely have goat pelts in stock as their skin is not very well suited to the use people usually have for fur. This one however, is in great condition! 

Our Fur Pelts and items are an awesome way to spruce up your LARP costume or will make a stunning addition to your décor or collection. It could also serve as a cape, blanket, or seat cover to protect you from the elements. Animal fur can help give an authentic feel to a historical costume such as a Viking, barbarian, or nobleman, with the added bonus that genuine fur, if it needs to be discarded, will not pollute the environment like artificial fur will! 

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