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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Natural Crow Feet

Natural Crow Feet

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Our genuine Black Crow's Feet regularly show up in the realm of magic and have a huge spiritual symbolism. Appearing in spells and the occult, crows are life giving creatures that act as a mediator between life and death. Contrary to popular beliefs, crows are a symbolism of good luck and bring prophecies of the future. Hags, druids, shamans and witches all use their powers to help with their magic.

Our crows feet are Air dried and preserved and ready to use. Perfect for various artisanal projects. They can be used for medieval costumes or to make a necklace, as a decoration or divination focus for adepts of white or black magic. Some feet have a finger pointing upwards and some clutching a bone. They have been manipulated several times during the process to achieve that result.

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