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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Giant Drinking Horns

Giant Drinking Horns

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 Viking Drinking Horn 3000-4000ml

Designed for a Viking, tested by a Viking, sold by a Viking! Drink like a champ with Boris' horns!

Made from authentic hollowed out bovine horn and treated with a food grade varnish to be used for drinking. Holds 8 or 10 beers.

Indispensable for parties, it will add character to your parties, weddings or graduation balls. You can use it for beer, mead, cocktail etc.. You'll make people jealous SKAL!

Can be used to make medieval, orc, viking or larp costumes.

I am proud that my packaging is 95% recycled material.
the 5% being the shipping label and the sticky paper
Even my decorations with pretty stickers were stolen from children hahahaha
I haven't bought a box or bubble wrap since 2018
If you want new boxes or new bubble wrap, I invite you to go shopping in another store

Shipping costs may be adjusted

Each horn is unique, so the product may vary slightly in terms of color and size from the photograph shown on my site. It is recommended to use cold or warm products. Heat can deform the horn. Do not put in the dishwasher. For a longer life, wash by hand with dish soap and warm water.

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