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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Crow Wings

Crow Wings

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Our Genuine Crow Wings are perfect for any valkyrie, witch, or Viking or can be used to create artisanal LARP projects. Crows symbolize adaptability, cleverness, intelligence, and transformation, and possess psychic abilities. Witches and shamans and lovers of the occult embrace their powers when using spells. Spiritually they have a deep rich meaning that traverses our physical world. 

  • Crows are the link between life and death
  • As a scavenger birds, they eat the dead, making them take over the dead body and their souls
  • They are often referred to as the reincarnation for damned souls
  • Crows can be seen as the harbingers of misfortune, usually announcing the death of a fallen hero
  • They have been regarded as supernatural creatures that can communicate with humans

Our crows are supplied by farmer hunters who are facing a severe overpopulation problem. All hunters must have a legal permit in order to hunt these birds. Crow droppings are a leading sickness to farm animals, polluting the animal's food and causing sickness or disease.

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