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Medieval Fur

Dyed Blue Fox - Premium quality - Royal blue

Dyed Blue Fox - Premium quality - Royal blue

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The dyes used to color these pelts are safe for humans. While they will not lose any color intensity, we highly recommend not getting them wet as the dye could bleed the first few times. If you do happen to get them wet accidentaly, gently wring most of the water out of it with a soft towel, lay out the pelt in a warm dry room and leave to dry, shaking occasionally to fluff up the fur. If you can, have a fan blow hair on the pelt. Never leave the pelt in a ball if its humid as it is a natural product and will rot. 

Our Fur Pelts are an awesome way to spruce up your LARP costume or will make a stunning addition to your décor or collection. It could also serve as a cape, blanket, or seat cover to protect you from the elements. Animal fur can help give an authentic feel to a historical costume such as a Viking, barbarian, or nobleman, with the added bonus that genuine fur, if it needs to be discarded, will not pollute the environment like artificial fur will! 

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