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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Fox Head Pelts - Dyed

Fox Head Pelts - Dyed

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Our Fur Pelts, including these beautiful dyed fox face pelts, are an awesome way to spruce up your LARP costume or will make a stunning addition to your décor or collection. It could also add to a cape, blanket, or seat cover. Animal fur can help give an authentic feel to a historical costume such as a Viking, barbarian, or nobleman, with the added bonus that genuine fur, if it needs to be discarded, will not pollute the environment like artificial fur will! 

These have been dyed in bright beautiful colors in order to offer more options to our "fantasy" costume creators and cosplayers. The dyes are safe and won't bleed but we still don't recommend getting them wet. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT These photos are for reference only. You will not be buying the specific item in the pictures but an item that is similar to it and corresponds to the same description. Please choose the item that most corresponds to what you are looking for. The animals live in the wild, not in controlled environments and that means that damage is the result of life: cracked or missing teeth, damaged bones, etc. That is considered a feature and not a flaw.

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