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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Fox Skulls - Second quality

Fox Skulls - Second quality

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These Fox Skulls do not have lower jaws or teeth and will make a great art project or jewelry. The skulls can be worn as pendants or used in a multitude of craft projects!

Animal skulls are one of our biggest sellers and some of the most sought-after oddities and collectibles. Our skulls are the product of ethical and legal hunting and trapping as well as foraging. Like any natural product, they are not perfect and will vary in size and color. We offer different qualities and if you are looking for something in particular, please don’t hesitate to send us a message to specify your needs! 

What we mean by Second Quality: We here are Medieval Fur value the concept of complete usefulness, which means that we try to utilize every part of the animals, even if they are not in pristine condition. Tails often get snagged, bones and teeth get damaged, skulls as well. The animals live in the wild, not in controlled environments and that means that damage is the result of life. That is considered a feature and not a flaw. Second quality products can still find awesome use in costume making, décor, collections and spiritual practices!

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