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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Mink Skull, Bone

Mink Skull, Bone

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This Genuine Mink Skull a wonderful object of nature. The weasel is a totem animal that symbolizes stealth and cunning, ingenuity and the ability to see hidden reason or pitfalls. They also correspond to treachery, cowardice and the ability to outwit others.

This small animal skull was naturally cleaned using an Insect-based whitening process (flesh-eating beetles). The bones are then soaked in a peroxide-based solution to create a uniform color. Collectors and savvy hobbyists use then to make totems, pendants, necklaces and several other charms.

Our management system in Quebec, Canada regarding fur animals is the strictest in the world. I am proud to give a second life to all parts of our animals (skull, pelt, bones, claws and so on)

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