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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Crow Foot With Crystal

Crow Foot With Crystal

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Crystals are alleged to have different properties that can help their wearers. The crow's foot is heavily associated with not only death but also transformative spiritual experiences, associated with witches as well as different forms of divination, the crow itself being often seen as a messenger. 

Amethyst: Said to help with anxiety and depression, clear the mind, encourage healthy sleep pattern and protect its wearer. 

Clear quartz: Said to cleanse chakras, protect against negative energy, provide healing, clarity and light. 

Sodalite: Said to strengthen intuition, said to be a stone of truth and improve self-esteem. Said to be a precious help in communication. 

Bloodstone: Said to be a healing stone which also increases creativity, a stone that improves grounding and helps overcome negative influences. 

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