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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Pirate Eye Patch

Pirate Eye Patch

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Pirate Eye Patch
It’s a pirate headband or an eye patch.
Perfect for your pirate or other costumes.
The small holes allow to see really well, these not perfect, but we see.
You can wear it left or right, you just have to adjust it to your head.

What was the purpose of the pirate eye patch (or headband)?

The eye patch (or blindfold) had several functions for the pirate:

- The blindfold served as a way for an eye to get used to the dark, in case of night fights or in the holds of ships. Pirates had less difficulty adapting to the dark and were therefore more reactive.

- When switching from daylight to darkness, they just had to reverse the eye patch. This was ideal to fight against their opponents, or to facilitate the passage from the upper deck (in daylight) to the lower decks (very dark). This, always in order to save a lot of time, which can considerably change the course of the fight.

- It was used to hide the eye of the one-eyed pirate, because the punctured eye or an ugly gash were not always bearable to see. The eye patch was kept on land, so as not to frighten people and especially the ladies. It was kept at sea and was an asset during the fights, in order to frighten the enemies.
Indeed, the pirates used to make a huge noise, to take on a wild look and to put forward their war wounds, because everything that could horrify the enemy was a plus for the finality of the fight.
They made sure to take the wealth of the enemy ships WITHOUT fighting. They were not crazy, because injuries at sea could take their lives. The sea, an isolated place, added to that the difficulty of finding medicine and a good surgeon... it was necessary to avoid fighting as much as possible and to gain the wealth by cunning!
Painting by Howard Lyon
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