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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Pure Bear Fat Oil

Pure Bear Fat Oil

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This product is made from 100% pure bear fat oil. 

Bear fat oil has historically been used by native peoples for skin and hair hydration, to help heal minor cuts and appease minor burns and insect bites and stings**. Along with those medicinal uses, bear fat oil has been used to waterproof and maintain leather and prevent rust on metal tools. 

This product can also be used in some spiritual practices in the making of ritual oils, bath oils and candle oils. Bear products have a distinct "bear smell" and this oil is not exception. It can be mixed with essential oils to minimize that smell. 

CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY! No International Exportations allowed!

**We do NOT recommend the use of this product for medicinal purposes without the approval of a medical doctor. Do consult a physician BEFORE using this product to make sure you do not have conditions which would forbid its use. Always remain safe in your choice of health practices. Do not ingest, do not leave within the reach of children and discontinue use if you are having a reaction to the product. Consult a physician immediately if you are experiencing a reaction. People who are allergic to animals in general and bears specifically should not use this product on themselves. 

***All products labeled as "components" were prepared without specific intentions so as to leave them free to be used with any intention in mind. We do not claim any particular effect or power to be associated with our product. 

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