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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Raccoon Baculum Bone Pendants

Raccoon Baculum Bone Pendants

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Raccoon Baculum Bone pendant 

This cute and unique item is made from a real animal bone

I’ll make you a beautiful unique grigri, an excellent way to hold your keys.

you can hang it anywhere

Real, genuine raccoon penile bone. Size is approximately 4 inches.

Can be used as pendants, earings or worn as a fertility charm. It’s a surefire conversation starter for anyone with a good sense of humor ! Some ill-advised persons even use them to stir their drinks Hahaha ! In the south they are referred to as Mountain Men Toothpicks.

Perfect for medieval costumes, Orc costumes, historical vikings costumes or Live Role Playing Games.

Hand made in Quebec. Can be used to hold your cottage, 4X4, or ATV keys. It is the perfect gift for hunters and animal lovers. Made with a recycled metal clasp, these teeth are found in the wilderness or harvested from the trappings from legally hunted animals.

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