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Medieval Fur Quebec, Canada

Wolf Claw, Premium Quality

Wolf Claw, Premium Quality

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Wolf claws: What Are Wolves’ Claws Used for & How Are They Built ?

Wolves are ferocious predators, known for their ability to kill large prey. While they live off of the prey they hunt, they don’t use their claws for hunting.
wolves do have claws, both regular and dewclaws, which are used for digging and to provide traction when running. They don’t use their claws when hunting, as they use their teeth instead.

Dewclaws are a vestigial digit on the wolf’s hind leg that is located above the ankle.

There is some debate over whether or not dewclaws serve any purpose, but most scientists believe that they do have a function.

Dewclaws are more prominent in wolves than other canid species and may help them grip snow and ice when running or hunting in cold environments.

Wolves also use their claws to dig into the earth to create dens and search for food. 

What Do Wolf Claws Look Like?

Wolves’ claws are long, sharp nails that curve back towards the paw. They are typically black or dark brown in color, but can sometimes have lighter markings near the tips. 

Wolves have four toes on their front paws, with two dewclaws, and four toes on their back paws. All of the wolf’s digits have claws.

Even though they lack opposable thumbs, wolves are still able to grasp objects quite well with their front paws. They use this dexterity when gripping prey during a hunt.

Dewclaws are non-weight-bearing toes that some animals have. 

What Do Wolves Use Their Claws For?

Wolves use their claws for figging and for traction when running, which enables them to reach higher speeds. Wolves don’t use their claws for hunting, as they use their teeth instead.

Wolves are known for their sharp teeth and claws. These features help them to survive in the wild. 

While their teeth tear through meat, their claws dig into the earth to unearth prey or scramble up steep cliffs in search of food.

The wolf’s dewclaws are located higher on its leg than its other toes. This claw doesn’t touch the ground when the wolf walks, so it doesn’t wear down as its other claws do. 

These claws also provide traction when running. It helps them stay fast and agile while chasing prey or escaping danger. The dewclaws dig into the ground when turning or cutting corners.


Digging is an important activity for wolves. They use their claws to dig for prey. They also dig when making dens, which provide shelter on very hot or very cold days.

How Big Is a Wolf’s Claw?

A wolves’ claws measure 2-3 cm long and 0.5-0.75 cm wide.

Wolf claws are relatively small compared to other animals’ claws. This is partly due to the fact that they aren’t used as weapons, as lion’s claws, but rather as tools for digging and gaining traction when running. 

They’re only about 0.8-1.2 inches long (2-3 cm).

Dewclaws are another matter altogether. Wolf dewclaws are larger than the others. As they’re not weight-bearing, they’re not used for walking or running but play an important role in providing traction when running at high speeds or on slippery surfaces.


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